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Toby Clements Dedicates New Section of Popular Domain Newsletter to Value Oriented Domains

February 16, 2012

Yesterday domain broker Toby Clements revealed a new section to his popular daily domain newsletter, highlighting what he calls Value Oriented Domains.

In Toby’s words, these are domains which have either, High CPC, Alexa Ranking, Generic Keyword Strength, are DMOZ Listed or all of the Above.  All domains in this section are set to a firm buy now price of $250, plus escrow/transaction fees where applicable.

I have to admit I was immediately curious about the particular choice of words, Value Oriented.  The term does make perfect sense in this context, but it also seemed somehow deliberate.  I have heard of stocks referred to as value oriented before, and similarly this new section of the newsletter is meant to map this type of value investing.   At $250, the price is intended to be low relative to the potential end-user resale value.

As it turns out, the companion domain name ValueOrientedDomains.com was also registered two days prior to the newsletter announcement, on February 13th, and now forwards to TobyClements.com.

I would speculate that if this section of the newsletter proves profitable we may see an offshoot ecommerce website emerge to facilitate transactions and provide additional marketing.  Toby has been what I would call very dynamic in his approach to building his domain sales channel, and I wish him best of luck in whatever form this new endeavor takes..

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