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Top 7 Domain Names From Arnold Schwarzenegger Movie Quotes

March 10, 2010

Here’s a fun collection of domain names coined from infamous Arnold Schwarzenegger movie quotes. All of these domains are currently registered, including one that’s a developed site, one owned by a famous domainer you just might know, and one that looks to be owned by one of the largest software companies in the world.

#1 – IllBeBack.com

“I’ll be back”, probably the first and most well known quotes that made ‘Arnold’ a household name, from the movie Terminator.

#2 – GetToTheChopper.com

The next one up I would call a fan favorite among Schwarzenegger quotes, “Get to the chopper!” from the movie Predator

#3 – GetYourAssToMars.com

From the movie Total Recall, this one is registered since 2003, and is actually a site with Page Rank 3.  Check it out (prepare to be blinded)

#3 – IfItBleedsWeCanKillIt.com

That’s right, because its blood was on the trees.  Coincidentally while researching these quotes for videos on YouTube I found there is apparently an Austrian death metal band called Austrian Death Machine who have a number of songs titled after Schwarzenegger movie quotes, including this one.

#5 – HastaLaVistaBaby.com

Another classic, the follow-up to “I’ll be back” from T2, needs no further introduction. Surprisingly though, this domain is even older than IllBeBack.com (2001) having been registered all the way back in 1999.

#6 – ItsNotATumor.com

You might be surprised at who owns number six on our top list; he’s a well known, well-respected lawyer, domain investor, and one of the founding fathers of the T.R.A.F.F.I.C. conference – Howard Neu.

#7 – GiveThesePeopleAir.com

Alright, Cohagen, you got what you wanted. Now give these peole air!

This domain is possibly the most interesting as it redirects to the Adobe Air download page. On a whois check, although it is not listed under Adobe, the owner of the domain resides in San Leandro California, a mere 45 minutes drive from Adobe corporate headquarters in San Jose.

I googled “adobe air” and “give these people air” and only two results returned, so it does’nt look like this has been used for any type of marketing campaign, but perhaps its something they’re keeping on the shelf.

…  and I’ve saved the best for last. This one’s a bonus.

#8 – WhoIsYourDaddyAndWhatDoesHeDo.com

If you havn’t seen or heard this before, buckle up because you just might fall off your chair! This is a recording of someone making prank phone calls using a Schwarzenegger ‘soundboard’ …

So what was your favorite Arnold domain name quote?  Or if you know of any others let me know..

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