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Update: Most Commented Domain Blog Post Of All Time Surpasses 5,000 Comments

August 31, 2012

Wordl Record - Most CommentsLast year I wrote about the most commented domain blog post of all time, and the fact that I predicted from the beginning the number of comments would reach epic proportion.

As of October 2011, the blog post by Michael Berkens of TheDomains entitled The Next BIG Thing Is 3D, had already garnered over 4,200 comments since original publication just 15 months earlier.

As of today, the grand tally now stands at 5,093 comments.  At a standard 50 comments per page, that amounts to over 100 pages of comments!

The number is up by 893 in the past 10 months, which means the post is still averaging about 3 new comments per day in its second year.  Talk about longevity.

It seems that the 3D folks have turned the comment section into a sort of ongoing message board, to update each other on the latest breaking news articles of 3D technology that they hope might be the one to give 3D critical mass and prove their domain investments worthwhile.

Whether or not 3D domains are actually selling or will ever truly pay off, I might suggest that it could be worth someone’s while to develop a 3D Domain Forum, which would be sure to attract a fair amount of traffic and membership, judging by the undying enthusiasm of the 3D niche domainers still commenting on the same blog post over two years later.

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