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Update To Yesterday’s Post On LincolnPark.com. I Made a Mistake Citing the Wrong Inbound Link Data

February 16, 2012

A quick correction to yesterday’s post on LincolnPark.com.  Regarding the inbound link data from OpenSiteExplorer.org – I was wrong.  There are actually 13 inbound links, not one.

There is a single link only to the http:// (which I referred to yesterday), and 12 links from 9 domains to the www.

From a look at the sources, my original presumption was correct: that the domain does attract links from other sites attempting to link to the LinkinPark.com website.

I really should have known that the site would differentiate between links to the top-level and links to the www subdomain.   Believe it or not, the www which is to the left of the dot, is technically speaking a subdomain.  It was really an amateur mistake on my part to skip looking at both results.

The auction has about another 3 hours left, and the current bid is up to $7,600, with the reserve not yet met.   Full auction list here..

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