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Want the scoop on available domain names?

October 30, 2009

For anyone who wants the straight meat and potatoes of this post:

I’ve created a new list in twitter to track all domainers who regularly publish and tweet about available domain names to register.  To stay on top of daily unregistered domains from multiple sources, you can follow this list at http://twitter.com/domainanimal/available-domain-names

If you’re a domainer on twitter that tweets available domains and want to have yourself added to this list just tweet the following: “hey @DomainAnimal, I tweet available domain names. Please add me to your sweet list“

(subject to review, I will check your latest tweets to ensure that you actually do regularly tweet unregistered domains)

Read on for more general commentary on Twitter lists

Yesterday I received a notification in my twitter dashboard that I was one of a ‘select few’ that was receiving a special new feature called twitter lists.  Of course I fell for it.  Apparently this new feature was already being rolled out slowly since late September.

I like the idea of lists, although I haven’t even begun using tweetdeck yet, which from what I’ve heard can do all that lists can do and more.

If nothing else it should be an interesting social experiment to see how people actually use lists.  I don’t think that even the people at twitter have necessarily preconceived all of the potential purposes lists will be used for.

One possible outcome:  Some users could build lists that become known as The authority list to follow for a certain category/niche.  If you occupied that niche then getting on to that list would be of importance.  To accomplish that would mean you would have to start tweeting mostly quality, original tweets, not simply regurgitweeting the same news as everyone else in your industry.   I for one would welcome this.

For domainers, I think it would be great to see some people developing some quality domain niche lists.  For example, for someone who is hot on geo domains, and wants to stay fresh on everything geo-domain related you could start a list such as @soandso/geo-domainers

I’ve decided to begin a list for domainers (or anyone for that matter) who’d like to keep tabs on regularly posted updates of domain names that are available to register.

To follow this list go to http://twitter.com/domainanimal/available-domain-names

To be followed by this list just send me a tweet: “hey @DomainAnimal, I tweet available domain names. Please add me to your sweet list“

I’ll try to start tweeting some unregistered domains myself (beginning next week) but not more than once per week and only one or two domains (to keep it quality.)

Some other possible domain niche lists might be:

  • /cctld
  • /dot_tel
  • /mobi
  • /domain parking
  • /dot_us
  • /dot_tv
  • /trade shows or /events
  • /auctions
  • /adult

What others can you think of?  Let me know.  Also let me know if you start growing a domainer niche list of your own..

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