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What a Waste – 2012.com

January 4, 2010

Undeveloped; no landing page; no redirect; not even parked. The domain 2012.com is stuck in utter domain limbo.

With the recent release of the blockbuster film 2012, and of course, the clock ticking down to less than three years from 11:11am December 21, 2012 this domain must be getting a tremendous amount of type-in traffic.

In fact, 2012.com has an Alexa rank of 146,884. In China the ‘site’ ranks 59,619! These stats would seem to be nearly outrageous unless this site has had any previous development.

I did a little sleuthing on archive.org. The earliest archived page was dated July 28, 2003 and reads:

This domain is not for sale.

Please do not call.

Please do not write.

Please do not email.

Thank you.

The last archived date shown is March 6, 2007, and the message reads exactly the same.

Yahoo! Site Explorer shows 438 inbound links to the domain, so that could also account for a decent amount of traffic.

Between September and October 2009 the domain saw a spike in traffic from 6,310 unique visitors per month to over 24,000 according to Complete.com (the movie was released on 11/11 so this no doubt correlates to the movie trailer and advertising ramping up for the release.)

One wonders whether Sony Pictures (film studio behind the 2012 movie) had attempted to acquire the domain and for how much. No doubt Sony Pictures would have loved to have this traffic.

Compete traffic stats for 2012.com

Is it possible the owner of this domain is crazy like a fox? Is it just possible he is holding out on the sale of this domain until the fever pitch on 2012 is running so high that 2012.com is worth Megabucks and he is able to position himself for the highest domain name sale of all time and enough cash to outfit himself with a private bunker in the hills and a small army of maidservants to survive the apocalypse?

It is interesting that if you type the owners name, Gupta Sunil into Google it will actually autocomplete to ‘Gupta Sunil 2012’, so its fair to say that I’m not the only one interested in this.

Due to the Mayan prophecy the year 2012 will arguably be the most anticipated year in the history of modern civilization. If it is true he is holding out and eventually sells within the next couple of years it will likely be one of the biggest domain stories of this (new) decade.

Whether or not 2012 turns out to be the most climactic year in the history of mankind, 2012.com surely remains one of the most wasted domain names in the history of the internet.

If you owned this domain what would you do?.

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