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What Are Domainers Buying On the Forums – A Quick Survey

February 19, 2012

This is an informal survey I conducted this morning based on the Domains Wanted sections of two popular domainer forums: DNForum and NamePros.

Going through the first 3 pages on each forum, I made notes on the types of domains that domainers were looking for, counting only results from threads that were started in 2012.

I did my best to make sure not to count duplicate threads from the same person posting in both forums, but keep in mind that this is an informal survey and the goal was not 100% accuracy, but simply a ‘closer look’.

First, here’s a look at broad-based types of domains that members were looking for, of those who did specify the exact type within their thread. The # represents the number of threads.

Type #
1-4 character 18
Short brandable 15
Traffic/revenue 11
CVCV.com 9
1-word/dictionary 8
Exact match 7
LLLLL.com 5
w/ PR 2


Secondly, I also broke domains out by keywords/industry and lumped them into categories.  For the sake of comparison, I chose to use the categories provided by popular domain aftermarket platform Afternic.com.  Afternic publishes regular sales reports on domains sold by category.  I compared the forum results here next to Afternic’s latest report for January 2012.

Category Forums Afternic Sales
business 8% 10%
careers 3% 2%
computers 13.5% 13%
education 2%
family life 9.5% 6%
financial 12% 4%
health 8% 6%
home 4% 8%
recreation 5.5% 12%
reference 3% 4%
region 7% 8%
shopping 8% 10%
society 9.5% 10%
special events 0%
sports 4% 1%
travel 4% 5%


Keep in mind that the forum sample is likely smaller than Afternic’s sample of reported sales, and also that I categorized the forum domains as I felt best, but may not reflect how they would have actually been categorized in all cases.

Still, you can see many of the numbers are pretty close.  Some of the bigger discrepancies are in the Financial and Recreation Categories.

Anyway I thought it might be interesting to take a look at what domainers are buying on the forums recently.  Domainer’s do not drive the end-user market, but they should be in tune with it, so I expect what they are looking for is (or should be) based on what they are (or hope to be) selling to end-users.  If you have any thoughts please feel free to share.

Thanks for reading as always, now go enjoy the rest of your Sunday! 😉.

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