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What Else Can You Do With A Domain Name?

August 22, 2010

My girlfriend is currently studying to apply for Pharmacy School this year. Among her short list of schools is the University of Texas in Austin, where we live and where she’d most like to attend.

She’s going through the general application process now which requires for her, among other things, to submit a copy of a resume of her educational background and work history. She’d asked me to look over her resume and when I saw that she had included her personal hotmail address as her email contact, right away I got to thinking … Why not something more professional?

The idea of a resume, whether for school or for work, is to help get your foot in the door for an interview. Anything you can do to dazzle the person reviewing your application and set yourself apart, so much the better.

Initially I looked up the domain AustinPharmacy.com, although I assumed it to be taken, and it was. Next I checked the domain AustinPharmacist.com. It was available and I suggested to my girlfriend that she register the domain and let me set her up with an email address @AustinPharmacist.com specifically for inclusion with her resume and program applications.

I am willing to bet even money, that whomever’s desk at UT Austin her resume happens to land on, that her email address and domain name will instantly jump out at them. How many other applicants will have a professional email from a domain name that exactly describes the position and location they are applying for? I would not say, not many … I would say, not any.

We’re also both big believers in the power of the mind to determine the course of our reality. She’s dead set on running her own pharmacy in Austin one day, and she’ll get there, I have no doubt, because in her mind she’s already established that. She wants to be an Austin Pharmacist. Now she has the domain, and this is just another token that’s helping reinforce her goals and her dreams along the way to where she’s going, knowing that she’ll already get there, no matter how.

But moreover, this is just another creative way to utilize the power of descriptive keyword domains. In the current economic atmosphere where unemployment seems to be continually rising, I can only imagine how many more people are going out on the job hunt each month. I think strategies such as this can give the right person an edge.

If you know of other non-traditional uses for domain names please share your ideas below..

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