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Will WordPress Acquire and Use Word.Press?

August 26, 2014

wordpress logo.Press is open for landrush registration as of today, August 26th.  It will be interesting to see who turns up as the owner of Word.Press, provided the name is not being held back by the registry.

If it turns out to be WordPress themselves, and they actually do something with the domain, such a move could be a veritable coup for new Top-Level-Domains in general, and for .Press in particular.

Of course its possible they might acquire it for brand protection without any plans to utilize it, and simply forward it to WordPress.com or WordPress.org.

The registry operator for .Press is Radix, and I’m sure they would love nothing less than to see a high profile company like WordPress, said to be the #1 CMS platform in the world by number of websites, getting involved with their TLD.

If smart, they might have sought to initiate some discussion on the matter with WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg prior to rollout.  With WordPress now offering free domain names to WordPress.com customers, its possible some sort of partnership could have been struck as well, to include WordPress as a registrar partner, offering .Press domains alongside the other TLDs they currently offer on WordPress.com.

That type of PR would have been worth its weight in gold and could have certainly helped build some early momentum for .Press, in this competitive TLD environment where so far it seems that early registration numbers have been the mark by which the success of new TLD launches are being judged.

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