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WordPress Plugin ‘My Domain List’ Releases New Pro Version With Enhanced Features

February 13, 2012

My Domain List - WordPress Plugin

My Domain List is a WordPress plugin which allows users to easily implement a way to list their domains for sale from any WP website.  Once the plugin’s settings are configured and you’ve uploaded a list of domains, displaying the domains for sale on your website is as easy as entering a simple piece of shortcode.

The program’s developer is Luciana Bruscino, who reached out to let me know that she’s just released a new Pro version of the plugin that is a complete redesign of the original standard edition.

A sampling of new features include …

  • Enhanced Domain import options such as batch import via .cvs file
  • Improved Make Offer Process with email notification and offer count display on Domain list
  • Option to display Payment Services Buy Button
  • Custom Taxonomy to allow for Category filtering
  • Featured Image support for domain logo, etc
  • Custom Meta data suport for each domain
  • Access to modify Domain price view WP Quick Edit
  • Ability to pick from multiple Domain Layout options
  • Support for multiple currencies such as USD, EUR, YEN, GBR, etc
  • Enhanced Setting options

The cost for the Pro version is $25 and can be purchased directly through the site.

The basic version is also available to purchase for $12 through code canyon, and it appears at least 92 people have purchased it there already.  The average user rating is 4 out of 5 stars (rated by 9 people).

I have not tested the plugin myself, but it may be good for those wanting an easy to work with, out-of-the-box solution and are not looking to mess around with more complicated scripts or hire a developer.

While it’s possible to change some of the style and appearance directly in the plugin settings, such as font and background colors, other changes can be made directly in the plugin’s CSS file, so those familiar with CSS would have much greater flexibility in customizing the look and feel.   I recommend having a look through the list of live sites that are actively using the plugin to get a real feel for how it looks in use.

There are also a couple demo videos on the site which walk you through the control panel settings.   While the videos are good, my only recommendation is that it would also be nice, if possible, to include a live demo of the back-end control panel to allow those interested in the plugin the ability to test out the administrative settings prior to purchasing.

Luciana has also been interviewed about My Domain List before on Sully’s Blog which you can read more on here

On a final note I have no connection with My Domain List nor did I receive any money or other incentive to write this post.

If you’ve used this plugin before or have any thoughts feel free to leave your feedback below. thanks.

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